Chopping Up Big Ideas

Branding, Marketing

Stuff That is our award-winning promotional online game created to help target and demonstrate to risk-seeking clients that it can be beneficial for them to chop up their own brand in order to reach unexpected outputs and audiences. The game acts as an icebreaking exercise. By looking at your brand from a different angle it enables you to see different possibilities and directions to reach new niche audiences.

We kept the interface and interaction simple whilst keeping the game easy to understand and win. For aesthetic inspiration we took influences from a medley of the weird, wonderful and macabre. Tales like Frankenstein and The Island of Dr Moreau, mythical creatures from Ancient Greece such as Pegasus and Medusa, Victorian games like Exquisite Corpse and of course, the world of taxidermy were all chopped up in big grinder. We did this to prove the point that something unusual can be a lot of fun. Finally we dusted this rustic cake with some good old fashioned narration along with some sprinkles of latin to legitimise the whole thing!