Campaigning During An Election

Social Media

Over the last two decades in Britain, on average one-third of the population have failed to vote in national elections and referendums. So with 2017 marking Make It Red’s first general election, we felt a civic duty to try and encourage our fellow citizens to not only vote but also make their opinions count.

What Others Did:

Here’s is quick look at how the average political party post looked… it fracking hurts our eyes, please make it stop!


What We Did Instead:

In contrast to the norm we created a standout series of simple, thought-provoking social posts that tapped into topical debates in the lead-up to the election. Some of our posts were non-partisan, others had more of a bias, but the important thing for us was to evoke a response one way or another to make your vote count.

For £20 we reached 18,000 potential voters, picked up 400 likes, 250 shares and a few verbal bruises in the 24 hours before the polls opened.