Avert Branding

Creative Concepts, Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design {Digital & Print}

Established in 1986, Avert is a Brighton-based charity which has been providing information on HIV and AIDS since the earliest days of the epidemic. Their previous logo hadn’t been updated in some time and they had recently rebranded, so it was the right time for a change.

The client had a challenge in that the word ‘HIV’ had to be a prominent part of the logo so that the reader would make a logical connection that it was HIV being averted. But it needed to be clear that the name of the organisation was simply called Avert. Also in the mix was a new strapline — so there were a lot of visual elements to balance.

Our answer was to create a modular logo which uses arrows to connect the elements together and suggests progress in the fight against HIV infection. The arrow redesigns a motif from their last logo but in a more streamlined and subtle way. Our logo blended well into their new branding colourways and imagery. It has a bold, contemporary feel that adapts to various applications and sizes.

RESULT: About our work the client wrote, ‘Make it Red did a great job helping us to re-visualise our logo. They successfully both maintained a visual link with our history and created something contemporary and reflective of Avert’s innovation and ambition. Make it Red were a pleasure to work with, responsive and delivered to deadline and on budget.’